Driver IR for RGB LED 350mA IrFlex i350


IrFlex strip controller is a specialized controller designed LED POWER LED 350mA. Embedded EEPROM memory allows for storing the last selected colour, or program, thanks so even after the power reconnect, it displays the same colour as before the shutdown.

Applied to the RGB light sources with LED 3W recommended quantity of power:
• from 1pcs to 3pcs - 12VDC
• from 4pcs to 6pcs - 24VDC

Dimensions (LxWxH): 75x60x30

- Smooth colour changing can be adjusted duration ofthe transition of colours.
- Blocking the current colour of the smooth changes
- Selecting the "pure" colour from a palette of 11 defined colours (including the cold, natural and warm white)
- Random selection of any colour from a palette of 16 million tones
- Flashing colour-selected with the possibility of adjusting the frequency of flashes (strobe)
- Rhythmic random colour changes with adjustable frequency (disco)
- Adjusting the brightness of any program, or colour

After the first properly connected to the power driver, the driver will start from the first program that is a smooth transition of colours. When you disconnect the power supply, the driver will start from the last selected program.

Key functions of remote controller:
- Button 'ON/OFF' after every button press, driver turns on or offthe light without stopping the current program set
- 'CH+' - Increasing light intensity
- 'Ch-'  - Decreasing light intensity
- 'Mute' - Program switch
Key 'Vol-' and 'Vol+' functions depends on the current program
* In the blocked colour mode :
- 'Vol-' - Set of defined colour palette of 11 colours
- 'Vol+' - Set the random colour from 16 million tones
* In a smooth colour transition mode
- 'Vol-' - Decrease the speed of the colour transition
- 'Vol+' - Increase the speed of the colour transition
* In the “strobe” mode
- 'Vol-' - Decreasethe frequency of flashes
- 'Vol+' - Increase the frequency of flashes
* In the ”Disco” mode
- 'Vol-' - Decrease the frequency of colour changes
- 'Vol+' - Increase the frequency of colour changes